Hillcrest Academy Elementary school is a community elementary school located in the Chomedey district of Laval with a multicultural and multiethnic population.

Hillcrest Academy is an English language school which proudly offers a bilingual English and French program to our students. Students from cycle one to cycle three have two main homeroom teachers as our students work on a one week English and one week French program.  Our Pre-Kindergarten students follow the one week English and one week French program as well.  Our Kindergarten students are with one French homeroom teacher for the entire week, 20% of their week is taught in English.  



Hillcrest Academy’s mission is to provide a bilingual (immersion)  program, to socialize and to provide education to all our students

Student Life

Hillcrest offers its students a range of services including daycare, hot lunch program, and after school activities.


The school regularly publishes information for parents and the community.

Our Address

265 rue Bladen, Laval, QC H7W 4J8