Hillcrest Academy’s mission is to provide a bilingual (immersion) program and we are dedicated to providing a safe and caring environment for all.  We strive to develop strong relationships with our families and community partners and are committed to supporting our students learning and success.  Our goal is for our students to become lifelong learners who are readily able and prepared to face the challenges of an every evolving global community.

Hillcrest places a special emphasis on Mathematics, Science and Technology. Hillcrest teaching staff frequently participate in innovative workshops in order to offer our students the most current and exciting learning opportunities.  The point is to make subject matter fun for children, revealing the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead.  Wherever possible, books, workshops, fairs, virtual tours, field trips, spirit weeks and after-school activities will reflect these areas of emphasis.

Respect for oneself and for others is of paramount importance to everyone at Hillcrest. A sense of belonging is developed in our students by fostering in them a respect for their environment and a connection to their community. Whether in academic, co-curricular or cultural activities, students are taught about different languages and cultures that make up our Canadian mosaic. Through our Leadership program students are taught the importance of specific habits that contribute to their happiness, their successes and their importance in the community.